Anti piles-Blood Control (2 Box)

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This Anti Pile, Blood Control is a guaranteed medicine for your piles problem and it comes with 100% money back guarantee, only if you are not satisfied with the product. This is very reasonable product costing Rs 1499/- and even it licensed product and has a quality check by GMP and HALAL.




 Anti Piles Blood Control 

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Pharma Science, the Indian Ayurveda has introduced the best piles medicine which is known as Anti Piles, Blood Control.Piles are the very big problem these days and approximately 5 to 10% people are suffering from this problem.Piles are also known by Hemorrhoids name which is of two types’internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.


Piles (Hemorrhoids)

anti piles, blood control, antipiles, wabasir,hemorrhoids,anti piles treatment

Anti Piles is also known as Hemorrhoids, it is very painful disease which can be occurred  in any age group. Today’s world most of people are suffering from piles problem. The hemorrhoids symptoms are when you suffer from pain while belly movements and notice blood in toilet, itching, irritation, swelling and lump near your anus.


Types Of Anti Piles

anti piles, blood control, antipiles, wabasir,hemorrhoids,anti piles treatment

Basically these piles hemorrhoids are of two types. One is external hemorrhoids which we can see and second one is internal hemorrhoids which are inside our body and we can’t see them. If opt the option of operation then your only got free from external hemorrhoids not from internal hemorrhoids and later internal hemorrhoids become external and your problem remains at the same place. The symptoms of these hemorrhoids are extreme itching, painful lump or swelling near your anus, fecal leakage, painful bowel movements and blood tissue after having a bowel movement.


Anti Piles Blood Control

anti piles, blood control, antipiles, wabasir,hemorrhoids,anti piles treatment

For this problem you need a safe medicine and that is Pharma Science, the Indian Ayurveda medicine Anti Piles Blood Control. This medicine will cure your both types of hemorrhoids and make you free from this problem forever. This Hemorrhoids treatment must have under some supervised and authorized doctors. This medicine is given to the patient only after the consultation and this medicine you have to take only for 15 days. It is totally an Ayurvedic medicine and it has all the herbal products like Lal Chandan, Geru, Lajalu, Kutaja, Belpatra, Kuraichala, Dhayphula, Kamal, Khas, and Shalmali Niryasa.



Product Information :-


Vegetraian/ Non Vegetraian  - Vegetraian 
Product Type      - Ayurvedic
Weight - 100 Gm
Packaging - Box
Form - Powder


Nutritional Contents :-
Ingredient -  Qty. (Per 100 gm)
 Lal Chandan -  10 gram  
Geru       -  10 gram     
lajalu    -  10 gram     
Kutaja       -   10 gram      
 Belpatra    -  10 gram     
 Kuraichala  -  10 gram    
 Dhayphula      -  10 gram     
Kamal  -  10 gram       
Khas  -        10 gram           
 Shalmali Niryasa    -     10 gram            
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