Product And Service

Product And Service

1. Health Gainer :-

Health Gainer is purely herbal manufacturing and guarantees no side- effect to the customer. Intake of Health Gainer promises with many advantages such as: Improves Diet, weight, stamina and energy level. It is a complete diet of one’s routine. Amount of calories as per the body requirement is initiated by the product. Guaranteed 5kg uplift in the body weight if taken on regular basis.


2. Kidney Stones:-

Kidney Stones are very common problem these days. It is basically a urine tract disorder among the people. The kidney stone symptom is that it occurs when your natural texture of your urine become very fixed or full bodied. And this type of thing happens in your body then the material become so sturdy and tight in your kidney and is slowly move down to your urine potion and sooner or later it passes out from your body.

3. Anti Piles – Blood Control:-

Pharma Science, the Indian Ayurveda has introduced the best piles medicine which is known as Anti Piles, Blood Control.Piles are the very big problem these days and approximately 5 to 10% people are suffering from this problem. Piles are also known by Hemorrhoids name which is of two types ‘internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.

4. Anti Piles complete resolution: -

Anti Piles is also known as Hemorrhoids, it is very painful disease which can be occurred in any age group. Today’s world most of people are suffering from piles problem. The hemorrhoids symptoms are when you suffer from pain while belly movements and notice blood in toilet, itching, irritation, swelling and lump near your anus.

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